About Me

My interest in writing took flight in 2008 when a friend invited me to a Role Playing Group. There I learned how to create brainchildren (aka characters), plot lines, and different styles of writing. There, I also received my nickname, Sashley, which, over time, has become my pen name.

My favorite characters that rounded themselves out the most are I Ran A Marathon the Immortal, God of Ship Wreckage & Sophia Hall Catcher. Sophia has been with me from the beginning. I originally created her in hopes to join a friend’s story in 2007, but to my dismay, I wasn’t considered. It was probably because of her dismal personality and morbid background (will be explained in later posts). Or it was her strange power of gravity distribution. Ran was created a couple years ago due to the Norse Goddess Ran. I thought it sounded a bit silly to have a female in charge of destroying and bringing ships down to the bottom of the sea so I made it male. He’s a brighter fellow, always making jokes, allergic to sofas, and so on. I hope to be able to write more about him.

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