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**In my Creative Writing class we’re required to write for 45 minutes during class. I was giving a prompt to write whatever in the form of a script. What do you think? Tell me in the comments Below!

(Brothers enter a cave covered in old seaweed and rotten fish. The smell is atrocious. The thicker one is holding a map, double-checking that this is the right place)

Ran: (holding nose) That’s nasty! Man I can’t do it, you know I hate the smell of rotting fish.

Tithrone: (nods in agreeance, then takes out a handkerchief to cover face) Come on, let’s go.

Ran: Are you sure this is the right place?

Tithrone: (muffled)                                  Yeah, it has to be somewhere in here, the map so.

(Starts to look around cave for hidden crevasses)

Ran: -sighs dramatically- Bro, we’ve been at this for hours. Can’t we just go home?

Tithrone: You can if you want to, but you’ll never find out what Poseidon left hidden here.

Ran: (grudgingly starts to look around) Why would he leave it in a cave? Poseidon is a water creature.

Tithrone: Exactly, that’s why no one would ever guess.

Ran:                                                                              What are we even looking for?

Tithrone: A button…. Or a removable stone….

(Brothers rummage around)                                                                                                       

Ran: (removes some seaweed off a rotting fish, gas is pushed into the air) (feels as if he’s about to barf) I can’t handle this….

Tithrone:                                Got it! (puts finger behind a stone and it clicks)

(A portion of the cavern wall slides open to reveal a passageway, Tithone slips inside. Reluctantly, Ran follows. The walls are covered with moss and there’s a dripping noise further down the hall. As soon as they step forward, Ran steps on a stone that triggers the stone wall to close behind them. The smell of fish disappears also, replaced by mold)

Ran: Well this isn’t much better.

Tithrone:                              Well at least we’re getting somewhere. (Walks further down the hall)

Ran: (Reluctantly follows) You still haven’t told me what we’re looking for.

Tithrone: There’s a legend that Poseidon loved a neried  named Nerites, but so did Aphrodite. Nerites was a beautiful neried with much skill with horses and ships. He was sought after by many minor gods for his skills. Nerites decided to reject Aphrodite because he and Poseidon had a thing and Anteros was born. Aphrodite was so jealous that she turned him into a shellfish and adopted Anteros, treating him just as well as her son Eros. Poseidon mourned Nerites death and put him in a cave where he could be taken care of in his shell-like state.                                                     

Ran: So Nerites is in here?

Tithrone:                           He supposed to be.

Ran: (getting nervous) Bro, I don’t think we’re supposed to be here… Poseidon will kill us when he finds out that we disturbed his lover’s grave…

Send Me On My Way

A couple of my friends and I decided to make a short music video to a song by Rusted Roots. We were unsure what to do at first but as soon as we started the ideas kept coming.

Send Me On My Way

Imagination might be all you need to start something new, but if you don’t start creating it whether it be on paper, video, or a recording, you will never truly know how the story ends!

Click on the link and tell me what you think about it!

Pigeonhole Principle

The abstract theory of the Pigeonhole Principle can be very useful in the life of statistics. Knowing that if there’s a limited number of input and that it has to go through a limited number (smaller than the input) of hoops and every hoop has to be filled before the extras can go through, can be helpful, especially when thinking of it in terms of Chemistry.

In Chemistry, after hypothetically combining the atoms with bonds, the student has to distribute the electrons evening so that every atom has eight electrons, including those atoms that share a certain number of electrons. Pigeonholing is used here. The total number of electrons are the pigeons and that every atom has to have eight electrons are the holes. We know that each atom has to be connected by a covalent bond, thus completing the principle that in some order there are atoms sharing electrons. Also within Chemistry the principle of Pigeonholing is used. Within electron configurations, for each energy level, the electrons have to fill up one row spinning one way (i.e. down or up) then fill in what’s left spinning the opposite way. When putting together the electron configuration I don’t know for certain which portion of the configuration has a partner or not but I know that at least one does, especially if the number of electrons for a certain element is in the middle of the periodic table.

The PDF book that I read, Infinity and Beyond by Dr. Kent A Bessey mentioned other theories that go along with the Pigeonhole Principle, such as the Existence and Uniqueness Theorems. I find that these three go hand in hand very well. The Existence Theorem explains that there is a solution to every Pigeonhole problem no matter what the numbers and situations are. The Uniqueness Theorem explains that there is one solution to the situation.

At first I thought the theorems above were annoying and useless. What is the purpose of having a possible solution if you don’t know how to get it or find it? It was not clear until I read a portion of chapter three in Infinity and Beyond. It states, “knowing that a problem has a solution is wonderful, but equally satisfying is knowing there is only one solution” (Bessey 46-53). Strangely enough, this is a thought process that I’ve known all my life. From grade school to the present, knowing that there is a solution to the problem I am solving is wonderful, because I know that I’m not wasting my time. My teacher used it a lot in AP Calculus AB. He would give us the problem and the answer so we could check our work.

The uses of Pigeonholing, and Existence and Uniqueness theorems are used throughout our lives whether it is within Chemistry, some sort of statistics or simply trying to figure out how many people per seat you can fit into your car.

Thought… or Lack of It

Erm… what to write, what to write… Don’t you hate those days where you are ready to start writing up a paper but the moment your fingers stroke the keyboard nothing comes to mind? When you spent the whole day sorting out your feelings for the subject only to be denied it by your subconscious? A variety subjects have the same problem. An artist, for example, sits down to paint and finds her canvas blank after hours of recollection. How do we stop this wall from sheltering our own thoughts from us? How do you begin? Dynamite. Or for those who aren’t allowed explosives, hammers work too. Walls usually fall to these tactics. Mental brick walls need something just as affective. I recommend quotes, song and conversations with friends.

Here is one example of the three:

“You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, when you meet them you think, ‘Not bad. They’re okay.’ And then you get to know them and… and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personalities written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful… Rory is the most beautiful man I have ever met”

-Amy Pond, Doctor Who S06E010

Huge quote I know but some things work perfectly. Now what do you do? Now that you’ve found something to base your thoughts it’s time to investigate it. The main theme I got from the above quote is to: not to judge a book by its cover, that everything is not what it seems, mysterious, and who are things/people really? BAM! We found our thesis! If you combine these supposedly insignificant insights you can find something to base your paper on. But, since I’m mostly a fiction writer this thesis would help define a scene in the story than be the main topic. Thesis are essential in all forms of writing, and can help prevent writer’s cramp.

Thoughts are a peculiar thing. The more you think about it the more you tend to forget. But it you combine outside information with your topic, the easier it will be to write it down quickly and demolish that mental wall.

Old Words Long Forgotten

Words flitter though my mind
Ruminating the one I miss.
The pain
Flares within my bosom
To be stroked by the sight of him
Aware that his wish to be with me has gone.
He clouds my mind.
Pricking my ever probing eyes
With glass daggers.
Colleague, Friend
A creature whom to look up to.
Obscure assassin have stolen him
Enticing him to complete obeisance.
The battle for him is over
My rival has won.
Flooded with feeling
Lacking a scheme
I scrounge my mind for something of use.
For lost is he from me.
Wait do I
Looking for a sign.
Tension bites
My smarting muscles.
Waiting for him.
Missing him.

Originally written in 2009


Have you ever dreamed of a pirate ship from the 1800s that could sail majestically through the skies? Or how about through the hot deserty sands of the Middle East? Can you imagine the cold wind fly into your face, her long winding fingers peeling back your hair, brushing your clothes and pinching your bare arms? Are the smells, of both good and horrific clogging up your nose, just begging to be let in first? Do you hear the familiar sounds of a crew chattering away, calling our orders and doing their daily chores? Close your eyes and allow yourself to be swept away by the excitement as your imagination lifts you to a place of wonder.Dear fellow Readers & Writers,You have successfully found this site. For this I congratulate you. This is a place of thought, words and helpful hints for all of you who wish to learn to find and produce wonderful hand-writings. I would enjoy if you place comments on all posts to increase the enjoyment of you on this site.

From a writer,