For Writers: Self-Publishing Works!

Not everyone gets published their first try, in fact, J.K. Rowling was rejected nine times before someone would publish her first Harry Potter book. Now, according to New York Times, she has sold over 6.9 million copies. Authors get rejected quite often in their line of work, but that doesn’t stop them. There are other ways to publish a book if the traditional publishing route fails.

Subsidy Publishing

If you want to get your book out there in the market place, this is one of the best ways to use. However, you better make sure you have sufficient funds because the author pays for the binding and editing of the book. But don’t fear! These publishers market, house, and distribute the book. Once the book sells, according to Brighton Publishing Website, the author receives about 20% to 40% of the royalties. This is way more than the Traditional Publishing royalties, which are about 8% to 12%. The author pays for the editing and binding which Traditional Publishing originally would pay for, which is why the author receives more royalties. There’s one important catch. The publisher owns the book until it sells.

Vanity Publishing

The author pays for a lot more here than anywhere else. They pay for the producing, marketing, distributing, warehousing… but not for the editing. The author will have to make sure that their stuff is up to par before they send it out to be published. So if you want to publish in large amounts DON’T use this system! Even though the author receives all of the royalties it isn’t worth it. Not unless you’re rolling with cash. Vanity Publishing is usually used for people who just want to see their book in print. Blurb and provide fantastic service. Just download the system, piece together your book and print as many as you want to pay for.


Now days, this type of publishing is best known through iBook and Amazon. Writer’s Digest Shop says that this system is best for authors who have a well-established fan club. These authors pay for all of the services and receive all of the royalties. eBooks have become quite popular for this type of publishing. The cost is relatively low and more people are willing to buy something that’s just as cheap.

Print on Demand

This one is rather similar to Vanity publishing with one exception; the books are produced for a very limited audience. However, you can still use the services like Blurb and They’ll only print as many books as you wish and they’ll print for anyone. Writer’s Digest Shop says that the company asks for a very cost-effective prices so no worries if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. The books are printed as the orders come in, one at a time.

Don’t give up; there are different ways to self-publish a book. If Erika Leonard, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, can do it, by selling her first book as an eBook, then you can too.