Why is formatting important? 










It’s hammered into our heads that we need to learn all of these different formattings when we write our papers for school and for most of us we think: why should I bother? I’m never going to use these ever again in my life! Prepare yourself… here come a big surprise. A lot of researchers, scientists, and many more use these different methods to make their papers clearer for the public. Those who use APA are writer and students in: Social Sciences (Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, Economics, and Criminology), Business, and Nursing. Those who use MLA are students and writers in various humanities like: English Studies – Language and Literature, Foreign Language and Literatures, Literary Criticism, Comparative Literature, and Cultural Studies. Those who use Chicago Manual formatting for: social science publications and historical journals. Each style has a particular use in each of the different areas. APA is really good because it gives an Abstract, a summary of what the whole paper is about. MLA is a more artistic format, it flows like a story, which is probably why Literature groups like it. The best thing about Chicago Style are the footnotes and endnotes cited at the bottom of the pages and in the bibliography. It helps avoid plagiarism and give insight to what the author wants to say.

For further help on how to format in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style visit Purdue OWL!

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