**In my Creative Writing class we’re required to write for 45 minutes during class. I was giving a prompt to write whatever in the form of a script. What do you think? Tell me in the comments Below!

(Brothers enter a cave covered in old seaweed and rotten fish. The smell is atrocious. The thicker one is holding a map, double-checking that this is the right place)

Ran: (holding nose) That’s nasty! Man I can’t do it, you know I hate the smell of rotting fish.

Tithrone: (nods in agreeance, then takes out a handkerchief to cover face) Come on, let’s go.

Ran: Are you sure this is the right place?

Tithrone: (muffled)                                  Yeah, it has to be somewhere in here, the map so.

(Starts to look around cave for hidden crevasses)

Ran: -sighs dramatically- Bro, we’ve been at this for hours. Can’t we just go home?

Tithrone: You can if you want to, but you’ll never find out what Poseidon left hidden here.

Ran: (grudgingly starts to look around) Why would he leave it in a cave? Poseidon is a water creature.

Tithrone: Exactly, that’s why no one would ever guess.

Ran:                                                                              What are we even looking for?

Tithrone: A button…. Or a removable stone….

(Brothers rummage around)                                                                                                       

Ran: (removes some seaweed off a rotting fish, gas is pushed into the air) (feels as if he’s about to barf) I can’t handle this….

Tithrone:                                Got it! (puts finger behind a stone and it clicks)

(A portion of the cavern wall slides open to reveal a passageway, Tithone slips inside. Reluctantly, Ran follows. The walls are covered with moss and there’s a dripping noise further down the hall. As soon as they step forward, Ran steps on a stone that triggers the stone wall to close behind them. The smell of fish disappears also, replaced by mold)

Ran: Well this isn’t much better.

Tithrone:                              Well at least we’re getting somewhere. (Walks further down the hall)

Ran: (Reluctantly follows) You still haven’t told me what we’re looking for.

Tithrone: There’s a legend that Poseidon loved a neried  named Nerites, but so did Aphrodite. Nerites was a beautiful neried with much skill with horses and ships. He was sought after by many minor gods for his skills. Nerites decided to reject Aphrodite because he and Poseidon had a thing and Anteros was born. Aphrodite was so jealous that she turned him into a shellfish and adopted Anteros, treating him just as well as her son Eros. Poseidon mourned Nerites death and put him in a cave where he could be taken care of in his shell-like state.                                                     

Ran: So Nerites is in here?

Tithrone:                           He supposed to be.

Ran: (getting nervous) Bro, I don’t think we’re supposed to be here… Poseidon will kill us when he finds out that we disturbed his lover’s grave…

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