Time vs Characters

Time can be worst enemy to writers.¬†The longer the author ignores a character, the flatter the he becomes. For example, I have ignored my character Ran for months on end and when I pick him up again and start writing from his perspective, his personality fluxes. He’s no longer the same person because my writing style has changed and I’ve started to think of him more of facts on a list rather than a real person. Without a round character, the author can’t predict the character’s next moves and write it sufficiently for the audience to understand and relate.

Time and genuinality need to be taken into consideration with characters. Think of them as your friends. Best buddies can guess what the other would like and do, acquaintances can only shoot wildly in the dark or not at all. This is why Time kills characters. The further removed the author is, the harder it’s to come back. The certain character may change due to the author’s writing style, or something may have happened in the author’s life that shows up in the character’s decisions or personality. While these changes may be good, if the changes pop up too often or too much they may jeopardize the plotline of the story and make the character stick out like a dirty thumb. The more time the author spends with the character in Alternate Universes the greater they will come to understand the character whom they are writing. This quality time will help the author’s story and make their quest seem more genuine and realistic.

In other words spend QUALITY TIME with the characters you love and your story will turn out better.

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