Have you ever dreamed of a pirate ship from the 1800s that could sail majestically through the skies? Or how about through the hot deserty sands of the Middle East? Can you imagine the cold wind fly into your face, her long winding fingers peeling back your hair, brushing your clothes and pinching your bare arms? Are the smells, of both good and horrific clogging up your nose, just begging to be let in first? Do you hear the familiar sounds of a crew chattering away, calling our orders and doing their daily chores? Close your eyes and allow yourself to be swept away by the excitement as your imagination lifts you to a place of wonder.Dear fellow Readers & Writers,You have successfully found this site. For this I congratulate you. This is a place of thought, words and helpful hints for all of you who wish to learn to find and produce wonderful hand-writings. I would enjoy if you place comments on all posts to increase the enjoyment of you on this site.

From a writer,


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